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Senior Real Estate Specialist



By definition, a person who is 50+ years and older is considered a senior for real estate purposes. The reason for this is that the needs of this age group changes in comparison to younger people. As we age, our housing needs change. For instance, a spacious two-story home, which once was a great place to raise a family, will normally not be the best home after kids have moved out. Climbing stairs will not be very fun after a certain age. Even if we are able to do it with ease, foresight will tell us we won’t be able to do so in the future.


Empty nesters may find that even a one-story home with its never-ending maintenance may prove to be increasingly challenging.

SRES® designees are real estate agents who have received special training to better serve senior’s needs. They will help you explore all the options of either modifying and staying in your current home or finding a different property that best suits your needs and will help you ease into the transition process if you choose to move.





Nearly everyone wishes to age in a place as they grow older. But often, the spacious family house becomes too burdensome, financially and physically, to maintain for individuals over 50.  However, selling a long-time held home can be highly emotional.

Agents representing sellers in these scenarios must be experienced, patient, and very empathetic.



A Seniors Real Estate Specialist® Will Help With Pricing and Marketing Strategies



SRES® designees Will provide insight into current market conditions, determine how your property stacks up against the competition, and develop a pricing and marketing strategy to sell your home quickly for the highest possible price. They will also use their expertise and industry knowledge to provide an honest assessment of your property and make suggestions to improve its saleability.



Moving Is Easier With a Seniors Real Estate Specialist®



SRES® designees can help assemble an appropriate team to ease the transition to a new property. Movers, landscapers, and stagers can handle the heavy lifting. Attorneys, 1031 exchange specialists, and mortgage brokers can manage the heavy paperwork.



A Senior Real Estate Specialist® Will Help You Transition to a New City



SRES® designees can also help you find your new home locally or refer you to designees elsewhere to find property in a new city or near children.



Working With Children of Seniors



In many cases, the person in charge of the decision-making process is not the senior owner(s), but one, or more of their children. Knowing that their parents are not just selling a home but going through a life-changing event emphasizes the importance of working with someone who is not only qualified to assist them but also someone whom they can trust that will be patient and empathetic to their situation.

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