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Do You Even Need an Agent?


Do You Even Need an Agent?


With an abundance of technology available nowadays it can be very easy for one to think that they don’t need an agent to purchase a home anymore and that they will be able to find their dream home all by themselves.


Technology is a great available source to buyers, as it gives them a fair idea of what homes are on the market at that time and allows them to get a feel for what the buying experience will be like. It is not uncommon for many of these homes to already be in escrow while still showing up as available on search engines. This is because the agent, who is responsible for updating the status, hasn’t done so because of an oversight of simply wanting to showcase it as available to attract buyers to contact them.


When used properly, this technology will make finding the right home easier for you and your realtor once you start working with one.


The truth is, for some people, many nuances in the buying process, like looking for homes and being at homes, might be the fun part of the buying process. However, in order to make an intelligent home purchase, you will need expert guidance throughout the entire process plus someone knowledgeable to negotiate on your behalf.


Hire an Agent


Buyer’s Representation is Free!


Make sure you have someone looking out for your interests. Long before you see any home advertised, the sellers have already negotiated the commission they will pay including the agent representing you.


We have represented numerous buyers and we are ready to assist you in finding the right home.

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