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About us


I have been involved in the real estate and mortgage industries for the past 29 years.


During these years, I have observed the difference that, owning or not owning real estate, makes in people's lives.


I have represented many people who wisely decided to stop renting and instead invested in their first home. In addition to enjoying the many benefits of home ownership, their net worth has increased significantly as their home equity built up.

To take advantage of the low interest, I have assisted many of these clients and their referrals in refinancing their homes. Additionally, some of them have already paid off the homes.


Others have decided to sell their homes and move up to larger, better homes and I have assisted them in maximizing their equity in the process.


I’m ready to put my real estate and mortgage experience to work for you.


My Mission


My mission is to equip you with the information you need to go from being a renter to become a homeowner, and for those who are interested, guide them in investing in real estate.


My Passion


The larger picture for me is helping people realize that real estate, aside from covering a basic need, may also be part of a strategy to achieve financial freedom.


Visit our blog and learning hub center for more info on this subject.




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