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Loan Application Checklist


The Most Common Items You’ll Need to be Pre-Approved by any Lender

There are three main components to process a loan for approval: Credit, Income, and Assets. The lender or mortgage broker will do a credit check. You provide the income, asset, and general documentation as it applies to you.


Credit Related

  • Most recent monthly statements for all current open loans

  • An explanation for any derogatory information on your credit report.



  • Pay stubs for the last 30 days

  • Most recent two years federal income tax returns with all schedules

  • W-2 or 1099 forms.

  • If you own rental property, rental agreements, and any rent increase notices

  • Pension award letter, if you are retired

  • Social security award letter, if you receive social security

  • Award letter if you receive permanent disability benefits

  • If you receive child support, child support documentation


If You are Self-Employed

  • Signed copies of last two years’ business tax returns with all schedules

  • Year-to-date profit & loss statement

  • Personal financial statement.



  • Source of down payment and closing costs, including supporting documentation

  • Bank statements for the most recent two months (all pages)

  • Retirement account statements (401k, SEP, IRAs)

  • Mutual fund and stock account statements.

  • Estimated values for all personal property

  • If you are selling another home, a copy of the escrow instructions

  • If you sold another home, the closing statement on that transaction

  • Gift letter and a copy of the check, if applicable



  • Photo ID

  • social security

  • if not a US citizen, a copy of the permanent resident alien card or work visa

  • Separation, divorce and child support documentation, as applicable


Download a printable version of this list

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